A group of clever writers met together to play with words in poems and rhymes.
We used our five senses to help us.

Poems by Miss Pratt
Poems are a special kind of writing.
The words make pictures in your imagination.

Poems are a special kind of writing.
They have a special layout.
Lines aren’t so long; they’re often short.

Poems are a special kind of writing.
The white space around the words in important.

Poems are a special kind of writing.
Some are acrostic
And some use alliteration.

Poems are a special kind of writing.
The rhythm is like singing.
Many have rhyming words at the end of each line.
Poems are a special kind of writing.

We began by making some rhyming word families.
Then we found the rhyming words in some popular poems.
Can you spot them?

We wrote our own rhyming poems there.
You can read them here.

Cat by Clever Kate
I had a cat.
It was fat.
I love my cat.
Little cat.
Cat by Shiny Charlotte
I have a cat
And that cat
Is very fat.
Cat by Apple Albie
A cat with a hat,
A cat with a broom.
A cat with a mat,
A cat went zoom!
Cat by Cool Curtney
There is a cat
with a hat
and it is fat!
The fat cat sat on the mat.
Dog by Amazing Anais
I have a dog.
She loves playing with a log.
She likes to go for a jog.
That’s good when she jogs,
Because she gets the frogs.
Dog by Luscious Lauren
I have a dog.
She likes to have a jog
In the Ivy Russell Park.
But it doesn’t really work,
Because she plays with a frog
Sitting on a log.
Cat by Kind Karminee
I saw a cat.
It was a fat cat.
It sat on a mat.
Along came a rat.
The cat and the rat had a chat.
Cat by Marvellous Meg
The cat sat on the mat
And ran to chat
To a rat.
Then he ate him for lunch.
He said, “Munch! Munch! Crunch!”
Cat by Jealous Josh
The cat sat on the mat.
It saw a bat,
And went to chat.
Cat by Writing Raff
There was a cat
That was very fat.
Here comes a rat.
The cat was wearing a hat,
So he didn’t see the rat
Because the hat was too big
And he was sitting on a flat mat!
Log by Delightful Dylan
The log in the bog
Had a man in the pan.
Dog by Ending Enoch
There was a dingo dog
Who sat on a log,
By the bog,
In the fog,
Where there was a frog.

We learnt about alliteration.
In alliteration words start with the same letter sound.
Repeating letter sounds – no matter where they are in a word – makes the poem more fun to read. The words don’t have to be right next to each other, but they should be nearby.

Can you find the alliteration letter sounds?
Going to St Ives
As I was going to St. Ives,
I met a man with seven wives,
Each wife had seven sacks,
Each sack had seven cats,
Each cat had seven kits:
Kits, cats, sacks, and wives,
How many were there going to St. Ives?

We used our 5 senses to describe some things.
Can you spot the alliteration?
IMG_6478.jpgWe tasted grapes.
We said the grapes tasted
juicy, scrumptious, and a sweet treat.
Some of us said they were gross grapes, grotty grapes.

We smelled a spray.IMG_6482.jpg
We said the spray smelled like
vicks vapour,
mint mouthwash,
and lemon lollies

IMG_6488.jpgWe looked at nature pictures.
We saw marvellous mountains, radiant rainbows,
interesting, adventurous, beautiful,
colourful, cool, frosty frozen, and peaceful pictures.

IMG_6492.jpgWe listened to wee wind chimes.
We said they sounded like
ding dong, quite quiet, twirling tinkling, weird.

IMG_6493.jpgWe touched shells and stones.
We said they felt
prickly, super spiky, smooth, twirly triangle and rough ridge.

We made alliterations with our names. It was fun!
Then we wrote our own alliteration poems.

Clever Kate by Clever Kate
Clever Kate saw a snake and ran away.
Clever Kate came back again
And saw a tiger.
Clever Kate ran away again!
Fat Cat by Shiny Charlotte
I saw a very fat cat.
The cat’s name was Fat Cat.
Fat Cat was very fat.
Apple Albie by Apple Albie
Apple Albie saw an apple.
Apple Albie ate it.
It was green.
Rainbows by Cool Curtney
Rainbows are cool.
They are cool, colourful and beautiful.
Amazing Anais by Amazing Anais
Once there was a girl called Amazing Anais.
She was the best beautiful girl in the town.
She could do almost anything.
Super Sophie by Luscious Lauren
Super Sophie sat soundly on the seesaw.
But after a second she got tired.
So she went to the sea
And saw a lady selling seashells
At the seashore.
Corner Cooler by Kind Karminee
Kind Karminee saw a cool cooler.
The cooler was colourful.
It was at the kitchen corner.
It was a cold corner.
The corner was called Cobweb Corner.
Hard by Ending Enoch
Alliteration is hard.
Hard hurts my head!
Rainbows by Marvellous Meg
Rainbows are my favourite things in the sky.
I love seeing rainbows
Because I get to wish for a thing.
Writing Raff by Writing Raff
Writing Raff was writing at his desk.
Along comes Delightful Dylan.
He says, “You are delightful too!”
Delightful Dylan by Delightful Dylan
Delightful Dylan saw a massive mountain.

Planets by Jealous Josh
The planets go around the sun, the sun.
Pluto goes around Neptune, around Neptune, around Neptune.
Venus is the hottest planet, the hottest planet, the hottest planet.
Jupiter is the biggest planet, the biggest planet, the biggest planet.
The stars make constellations, constellations, constellations.
Uranus is a gas giant, a gas giant, a gas giant.
Saturn, the planet with rings, the planet with rings, the planet with rings.
Mercury, the planet closest to the sun.
The sun, the biggest star, the biggest star, the biggest star.

Acrostic Poems
Acrostic poems are a bit like a puzzle.
From top to bottom, the first letters of each line spell a word.
The word is what the poem is about.

Poetry... by Nancy Loewen
Plays with words and plants ideas...
Opens our eyes and
Twirls words into
Riddles, ribbons and raindrops, and makes us say...

We tried our own acrostic poems. Read them here.

SPACE by Ending Enoch, Writing Raff, Apple Albie, Cool Curtney and Shiny Charlotte
Sun in the solar system.
Planets orbiting the sun.
Astronauts out in deep space.
Clouds climb in the sky.
Earth, people are all over Earth.

ANAIS by Amazing Anais
An incredible girl,
And great.
I like myself,
So pretty.
SPACE by Delightful Dylan
Sun in the solar system
Pluto is blue
Astronauts float
Clouds on Mars
Earth is blue and green.
LAUREN by Luscious Lauren
Run like the wind
Even Intelligent
Now meet at writing.
DOG by Kind Karminee
Dashing animals
Operating attention
Gorgeous dogs
NATURE by Marvellous Meg
Turning around the sun is Earth.
Upon earth are homes
Running is fun
Earth is fun!
SPACE by Jealous Josh
Clouds that trap heat

Kate’s class has been doing this clever thing with poems, making the words go in the shape of their action.
Autumn Leaves by Clever Kate
The leaves
Cool, Amazing and crunchy.
The leaves
Off the tree.
I love autumn
Because the leaves

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