Athletics at Surrey Park 2013
Winning athletes from Zone Competitions had the opportunity to meet with Athletics Coach Mr Lorne Singer before Southland Primary Athletics.
Mr Singer took sessions in our speciality areas, giving us tips about skills and helping to refine our individual techniques.
He said it was really important to come early enough on Saturday to do your own thorough warm up, so your muscles are ready to give best performance and to avoid injury. “The older you are the more important it is to warm up properly and to cool down thoroughly at the end.”

Throwing Shotput and Discus
Even though throwing events rely on upper body strength, Mr Singer told us that lower body strength, fitness and technique are equally important.
Here are some of his lines:
“Unwind from the bottom and explode out of it.” “Elbows up.”
“Your non-throwing arm is really important, it needs to twist and fly through. Keep your non-throwing shoulder high to get the best performance.” “Find your power position.”
“The shotput goes furthest when it is released at about 45 degree angle.”
“Tilt out the discus with a flat hand, at about a 35 degree angle, so it has minimum air resistance.”
“Power off your leg. You want to be tall when you deliver.”
“Give the discus a wipe down, you don’t want it greasy.”
“While waiting, top discus throwers are twirling the discus in their hand, practising finger release.”
Running events rely on lower body strength combined with upper body strength and Mr Singer told us that fitness and technique are equally important.
Here are some of his lines:
“ For running on the all weather track you will go faster in bare feet or socks or shoes with spikes. Running in shoes will slow you down.”
“ When the starter calls out “On your marks’, do one tuck jump to get your archilles tendon ready.”
“Here’s a tip… don’t rush into “get set” position”.
“Use your ears. Don’t look at the starter. Keep your eyes down.”
“Sprinters, you want to accelerate out at the start, stretch out, big arms, and powerful force into the ground. Quick through the middle.”
“ Stay on the inside of your lane. If you are running a 200m race and you run on the outside of your lane it means you end up running 207m”.
“Fly off the bend. Slingshot out a wee bit wider into the middle of your lane.”
“Sprints skills are important in distance running, so that you can finish well.”
“Judge your pace in middle distance runs. Too many athletes go out too fast and can’t finish well. Run with control, so you have some gas in the tank to last the distance.”

“The runway is the most important part of longjump. You want to get the pacing right so that you are hitting the longjump at optimum speed.”

IMG_1005.jpg“Lots of people are concerned to jump off the white board. If you are under 12 years just run in fast and jump off the mat. Someone is watching your foot and will measure from the front of the colour you jump from.
If you are 12 years or more that’s when you need to consider weather conditions and pacing, developing consistency so you hit optimum speed and jump off the white board.”
“The triple jump may be an event that suits some people. Bear it in mind for the future, starting in Year 9.”
“Measure out your curve at the highjump, then maintain your curve and come in fast to the end ready for the jump.”
Mr Singer said, “You are here because you have talent as an athlete. Think about pathways and stepping stones so you can achieve highly. Stepping stones include: to be involved with Southland Primary Schools, lower NZ rep teams and then an international pathway. Many of you should be aiming for the Olympic Games."
Have you considered joining an Athletics Club or a coach?”

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